Shlomo Shamir ( Mészáros Józsi ), the builder  and manager of this site, passed away on 1.1.2005 .  Since 1995, much before the internet became so popular, he started the idea of preserving the heritage and history of the Jewish people from Gyor ,Hungary. 
Slowly, but with lot of ambition and determination, the site became the center for the survivors from Gyor area, their friends and families. It was not easy to persuade the old generation, since the idea of internet was not available as today. Despite the difficulties, it started to be recognized as the right idea. More documents and photos filled the site. Each one has a story to tell.

      The most excited moment was when a brother and sister ,who did not know of each other, found out that they both alive. Another friend found his classmate. The site serves as a meeting room.

      Shlomo has finished one of the biggest  projects, building a database of the Jewish cemeteries in Gyor. Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Schmideg Stephen from Australia, who contribute the martyrs list, Mr. and Mrs. Yanai Yitzchak, from Israel, who photographs each grave, about 3000, with the information of the location. Thanks to Mr. Lónyai Sándor, from Hungary, who helped with the lists. Many others, dear to us, helped with photos and documents, stories and books.
      We want to thank each one of you who called , write or thought.  Its important to us to keep the site. Together, we will keep it and fill with more documents and photos.  

God Bless You