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Pesach, 2002

Dear Visitor, our site celebrates it's fourth year of excistence.

During this time we achieved partly our target, collecting and saving every piece of information on our remarkable past of the Jewish life in Gyor, before and after the Shoa.

We successed also by gathering more than hundred relatives, friends, descendants of Gyor, some of them second and third generation, living today faraway each from other. Despite of thousends of miles separating between us, we found a common, virtual home in our site to discuss, renewing old friendship, finding some new ones, and so making a bit more interesting life.

One of our projects, picturing the graves in both Cemeteries in Gyor is going on and there are many new photographs waiting to publish in the near future.

Other project of us, - compiling the whole content of the site to CD, for those people who has not Internet, or this connect is too slow - just ended and already sent by post to everyone who asked it. Each of you may get this CD, freely, no charge and ready to be send to your home, by giving us your postal address.

With the help of you and many others, by sending us documents and other information relating old Jewish life in Gyor we may continue our work with more success. We need your help in the future too, and we ask you also to bring your opinion about the site. We seek to see you, each one of you as part of our work and part of our successes too in the future.

But among our success there is a failur also. We are sorry that the so wanted uniting between our two groups, the Site and the Irgun up today did not established. Very sorry, that the Irgun do not understand even today the necessity of using the Internet and working together with us for the benefit of all .Let hope that the commonsense will win at end.

We want to hear from you and wish you and your family Pesach Kasher Ve Sameach !

                                    In the name of Gyor Jewish Website

                                     Shlomo Shamir

Your contribution to the maintenance of the Gyor Jewish Cemetery and specific family graves would be much appreciated it.

Of all the Jewish cemeteries in Hungary the one in Gyor is probably the best maintained, with 5,000 graves spread over 20 hectares.

Such a large cemetery is a significant burden for the small community, as very few of those living abroard contribute to the upkeep of family graves.  The annual maintenance cost for the cemetery is over 1 million Forint ($US.4,000 ).

This year the reconstruction of the mortuary was completed.  The building was totally rebuilt, retaining the frescos on the ceiling and on the walls  that are contained in there.  This project cost the community a considerable sum of money, which was partly aided by donations for this worthwhile cause.

During the coming year the cemetery’s symbol, the mausoleum will also need to be rebuilt.  It was constructed 52 years ago to commemorate the Martyrs of the Holocaust.  Unfortunately it was technically poorly constructed and today it is in a life threatening condition.

We are asking our brothers and sisters  who are living abroad to contribute according to their means to the reconstruction of the mortuary and mausoleum.  We would also welcome contributions for the restoration and maintenance of specific grave sites.

Instead of a cheque we would prefer if the money was transferred directly to our bank account
11737007-20528814,  OTP Bank Gyor, care of the Gyori Zsido Hitkozseg  (The Gyor Jewish Community).

Our address is:

Gyori Zsido Hitkozseg
9024 Gyor
Kossuth Lajos u.5

Tel: 36-96-329-032

We thank all our friends in anticipation of their generosity and we promise to provide acknowledgements and regular updates on this website. For any further information please contact:

Dezso Jakabovits
Community Committee member

Grave maintenance fee     ( 2001 )

The leaders of the Gyor Jewish Community are asking all their brethren who live abroad and who have relatives  buried in the cemetery to pay their Year 2001 grave maintenance fee,  USA$ 30.

A Gyori Zsido Hitkozseg vezetosege ismetelten keri azon kulfoldon elo hittestvereinket akiknek a gyori temetoben hozzatartozoja  pihen ,hogy fizessek meg a 2001. evi sirapolasi dijjat!                                                          Felesleges emliteni,hogy a temeto es a sirok apolasa nagy kiadas es nehez megterheles a penzhiannyal igy is nehezen kuzkodo hitkozseg reszere.Kerjuk ezert, hogy ez evben, tobben mint a multban fizessek be az evi sirapolasi dijat, ami valtozatlanul az iden is $ 30.
A hozzajarulast a kovetkezo szamlaszamra kerjuk utalni:                                                                             OTP BANK:11737007-20528814 Zsido  Hitkozseg Gyor .
Remeljuk,hogy minel tobb hittestverunk fog hozzajarulni a gyori temeto karbantartasahoz.


Jakabovits Dezso
Hitkozseg   vezetosegitag