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Gabor Hirsch: Az Auschwitz- Stutthofi transport 1944 szept. 27.-en,


We would like to hear from anyone who has any information about the Auschwitz-Stutthof Transport, 1944 September 27.   Please send a message to

Gabor Hirsch is interested in locating or finding further information about a boy he was with at Birkenau.

Dear Mr. Schmideg
I am interested to get more information on your Gyor Holocaust project, at the same time I hope to contribute some information which might interest you, I would have preferred to contact directly Mr. Lonyai but his address was not available on your Home page.

My questions concerning the Holocaust data:  are they from the census April 1944, as in the census from Bekescsaba, neolog as well as orthodox birth date and place are not included but just the address. In the Death register of  the county archive (Gyula) many of the victims are declared dead by family members, with place and date of Auschwitz and the arrival date 29 June given (sometimes incorrectly).

I am attaching  a list of  women who were transported from Auschwitz to Stutthof with the names of women who were born or their last address was Gyor.  As 2/3 of the entry book is missing it is only a part of this transport. My cousin told us, that on the 25 September in the BIII camp or Mexiko a selection was held and  my and her mother and several other women from Bekescsaba were victims of this. In 1993/94 I was informed by the ITS (International Tracing Service) that my mother was registered in Stutthof on the 27. September and died there on 18. December. As I was curious what happened to the other women and found out by getting the transport list that it was a group of 4501 women, out of them 1849 Hungarians. The entry book is, only partly preserved 30%. The transport list contained 1) consecutive numbers,  2) family names, 3) first names, 4) Birth date, 5) camp registry number. During my visit in Stutthof I found additional data in the entry book, maiden name, birth place, last address, date of death and number in death book. I found several women from Bekescsaba. I don't know if any of the women from Gyor are alive, I am interested to hear about the camp.There is also a book from Yad Vashem dealing with the Hungarian women in KZ Stutthof, I sent a copy of the book to the "Auschwitz Foundation" in Budapest.

coNr Page Name   Vorname Maiden. Geb.dat.Reg.Nr.Born Last Adr. died     rem
3821 141 Hauser Ida               05.05.10 91632 Gy?r Gy?r     21.12.44 1988
3822 141 Hauser Magdolna          05.11.14 91633 Gy?r Gy?r
3862 141 K?roly Julia             22.02.25 91673 Gy?r Gy?r     21.11.44 Stb.761
3863 141 Karoby Erzs?bet Andorka 21.09.00 91674 Gy?r Gy?r      20.12.44 1909
3875 141 Kohn Blanka              06.09.09 91686 Gy?r Gy?r
3876 141 Kohn Josefa              09.03.08 91687 Gy?r Gy?r
3924 142 Kert?sz Hilda Schimmel  26.06.10 91735 Bruck Gy?r
3947 142 Krausz Jozsa Billitz    12.04.05 91758 Ugod Gy?r ?
4060 144 Meller Marianna Klein   28.12.05 91871 Esztergom Gy?r01.10.44
4091 145 Paranyi Erzs?bet         24.08.03 91902 Kapuv?r Gy?r             182
4105 145 Perl Irma Braun          16.02.06 91916 Alsomj?rasd Gy?r 28.12.44 3.057
4112 145 Perenyi Margit K?nig    26.11.99 91923 Gy?r Szombath 09.12.44 Stb755
4359 149 Szigeti Edith            16.11.24 92170 Gy?r Gy?r
4361 149 Szabo Ilona Rosenberg   06.06.02 92172 Gy?r Gy?r 09.12.44 Stb757
4475 151 Winter Kl?ra             26.04.25 92286 Gy?r Gy?r 01.01.45 3830
4476 151 Winter Margit            27.09.98 92287 Gy?r Gy?r


If I remember correctly, in the last month of the existence of Birkenau I was together with a boy from Gyor, my recollections are very sketchy. It might have been after the two selections in the Gypsy camp 27 Sept. Yom Kippur / 10 October Simchat Torah, BIIa, BIId camps may have been up to the final evacuation in 18 January. He was about my age born 1929 - 1930, he survived as we saw each other  by accident in 1946 or 47 in the "Angolpark" in Budapest and both of us continued our study in the Gymnasium. I know that this is a very insufficient description but I don't expect that there were too many surviving boys from Auschwitz. If he was tattooed in the last month of our stay, his number could be around B-147xx.

In May I am visiting Hungary, I would like to contact Mr. Lonyai to get more information of his sources.

Best regards
Gabor Hirsch