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Gergely  Peter,s   Collection

Dartmouth,  Nova Scotia Canada

Pista, Sári  -  1989

Pista, Sári, Éva, Béla -  1989

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Peter writes:

My father, was born in Györ, in 1924, the son of Armin Gergely (ne Grünzweig) and Aranka Rosenfeld.  Armin, like my Father, was a Watchmaker and Jeweller.  Armin had the Jewellery Store on Baross Utca until the 1944 invasion.   For your viewing pleasure, with permission from my 'Gergely' family, I include a picture of Armin in front of his store, circa 1940. 

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Gergely Fülöp was my great uncle, his wife and daughter.

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Gergely György           1912 - 1926


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