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Alex  Hacker's   ( Sanyi ) Collection

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My Mother, Ethel Hacker, Budapest, around 1940

My father Leslie Hacker born Gyor 1889 died in Toronto, Canada 1974.

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     Family picture in garden of family house in Gyor - 1936.    Left to right:     Myself Sanyi/Alex, my Father Laci,    Imre,  Emil and cousin    Varga Pal, and Margit.

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     Family picture in garden of family house in Gyor around 1936. Left to
     right Aunt Jolan, Uncle Mihaly, Uncle Imre, Aunt Flora, my Father Laci and Aunt

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Family picture in front of our old house at Bathanyi ter 6, Gyor around 1936. From left to right:

Myself (Sanyi/Alex),   Cousin Varga Pal, my Father Hacker Laci, Aunt Jolan, Uncle Emil, Aunt Margit,

and Uncle Imre.

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          My Mother, Ethel Hacker - in Budapest, around 1940

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                                                                                              Uncle Dr.Hacker Imre, Györ, around 1934
                                                                                        (click here to see bigger)

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Uncle Mihaly, (click here) the oldest of my father's 11 brothers and sisters, the
children of Hacker Sandor (my grandfather) and Unger Karolina (my

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Cousin Varga Vica with 4 year old Peterke, in Gyor, one year before
Aushwitz (click here to enlarge)

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My cousin Varga Vica, daugther of Hacker Jolan around 1938

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From recent visit :
                           a. In front of Gyor Synagogue, Jakobovits Dezso, Marianna Spiegel and my son Lee.
                           b. Gyor Belvarosi Restaurant, Jakobovits Dezso, Janos bacsi - Aushwitz survivor, oldest jew

                                                                        in Gyor in  2001 and my son Lee.

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Rowing Club in Gyor on Kis Duna where my Uncle Imre was a champion rower
and where I spent much of my time as a child during the summers of the