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How to interpret the list of names

The names are listed in alphabetical order and the information given is as follows:

Family name

Given name

Mother?s maiden name

Wife?s maiden name

Birth place

Birth date


For example:

Schmideg Jeno Kohn Fni Roneger Berta Ppa,(Vem) 1889. november 18.

This tell you that Jeno Schmideg?s mother was Fani Kohn and he was married to Berta Roneger. Jeno was born in Papa on 18 November 1889.

Females if they were married are usually listed under their married name. This is indicated by ending ?n? after the given name.

For example:

Schmideg Jenon Korjover Adl Roneger Berta Bcs, 1888. a u g u s z t u s 28.


This tells you that Mrs Jeno Schmideg?s mother was Adel Korjover and Mrs Jeno Schmideg?s?s maiden name was Berta Roneger and she was born in Becs (Vienna in Hungarian) on 28 August 1888.

Missing information

Where the information is not know it either does not appear or indicated by a ???. Care needs to be taken in cases where the second name is not the mother?s maiden name, but the wife?s maiden name. This can be easily figured out as the same name (Riesz Frida) appears for the wife?s listing, as in the following example:

Schmideg Vilmos Riesz Frida Jsd,(Vam) 1884. d e c e m b e r 12.

Schmideg Vilmosn Riesz Frida Jsd,(Vam) 1883. o k t b e r 21.


Adding names and correcting details

The information in this listing has been compiled by Sandor Lonyai from official records and information supplied by friends and relatives of the Martyrs. Every effort has been made to keep the list as accurate as possible, but sometimes even the official records contain inaccuracies.

If you find someone is not listed, or you can add or correct details please advise us:



Further improvements to the list

Besides adding to the list and correcting the details we are planning to put it into a searchable database. For non-Hungarian speakers we will also remove the vowels and translate date and place names where appropriate.

At this stage to search the list you can use the "Find in Page" function of your browser and if you copy in the name with the Hungarian vowels, where applicable, you will have no problems.   or:                                                        Copy of B.jpg (38672 bytes)

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