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The toast given by Armin Lefkovics (Frank More’s grandfather) at the banquet for the inauguration of Chief Rabbi Dr. Emil Roth on December 15 1935.

Respected ladies and gentlemen, so far you have heared such witty and clever speeches that from my perspective, but even more from yours, it would be better if I remained silent.

But God knows I'm like the fabled warhorse hearing the sound of the trumpet, I start to stretch and want to bolt. So now that I'm already standing to speak, I will ask you to listen to me with patience and I promise to be so brief that you will not have time to be bored.

Respected ladies and gentelmen our congregation is today celebrating an important occasion. We enjoyed the formalities, but the highlight was hearing our Chief Rabbi's powerful sermon in our temple. His soul stirring speech made me feel as if I was at a festive wedding where the vow of eternal fidelity is proclaimed. And how well this colorful, humorous and fine dinner complements the events we have wittnessed today in connection with the inauguration.

Dear Chief Rabbi, look around this gathering. You can see only happy, cheerful faces. Do You know what that means? This is the expression of our joy that you are already our spiritual leader. And when you see this devotion from us, we can't imagine anything except that similar feelings have been awakened in your heart for your new congregation.

And as we see this understanding and harmony developing between the Chief Rabbi and his congregation - we can be trustful that neither of the parties will be sorry they found each other.

I can't finish my speech without a few words about this home for the aged where our banquet takes place. This establishment of our congregation realizes the noble ideals of human love when it admits the helpless, broken old men and women who can live their last years of their life in peace and calm, knowing they have no worries.

Can you imagine a more ideal human goal than this? I'm asking the Chief Rabbi to give his attention - besides his many functions - and help to this very important establishment.

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