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Yanai Magda és Itzhak :         09.jun.2000

Kedves Jozsi ,

Kivanunk Neked es kedves csaladodnak,chag svuot szameach!

A Gyori lapban latjuk a valtozast es ezert jar Nektek egy kulon dicseret!

Tovabbi eredmenyes tevekenyseget kivanunk.

                                    Szivejes udvozlettel     

                                                                    Magda es Itzhak

Péter Gergely:            11.jun.2000

There was made a new entry in your own guestbook

Here is the content :

Your Name : Peter Gergely
Where From : Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Canada
Related to Gyor ( family, etc. ) : Paternal Grandparents and father
Comments : Your efforts with this web site are deeply appreciated.  Through the Martyr's List I managed to add some very important missing information to my quest of heritage, such as my great grandmother.  Thank you!
email address :

Stephen / István / Gergely:        11.jun.2000   

There was made a new entry in your own guestbook

Here is the content :

Your Name : Stephen/Istvan/ Gergely
Where From : Moncton N.B. Canada
Related to Gyor ( family, etc. ) : Born and lived in Gyor till 1956 november
Comments : I just find jour Web page & like it


Péter Gergely:                     11.jun.2000


My Mother (Sara Gergely) thinks she and Dad may have met you.  They were on the 1989 (45th year Holocaust) Gyor reunion.  I see from the Guest list that my Father signed in immediately after me.My Mother, Sara Szalai, originally from Pecs, lived in Gyor with my Father (Istvan Gergely) from 1946 to 1956, and seems to remember quite a few people, as well as keep in touch with quite a few.My father, was born in Gyor, in 1924, the son of Armin Gergely (ne Grunzweig) and Aranka Rosenfeld.  Armin, like my Father, was a Watchmaker and Jeweller.  Armin had the Jewellery Store on Baross Utca until the 1944 invasion.  For your viewing pleasure, with permission from my 'Gergely' family, I include a picture of Armin in front of his store, circa 1940.  The picture is big (1.5MB), and if you cannot reduce it, let me know, and I will make you a smaller one.Armin's brother, Fulop Grunzweig, also lived in Gyor until his death in 1977, and is buried with his second wife and daughter out in the cemetery.My father phoned me this morning that he had found your web site, and listed as martyrs (which they were) were his Father, his Sister, his Uncle's first wife and daughter.  It was a very timely phone call, as I am trying to get as much Geneological information as I can on the family, and have started putting together the family tree.

My uncle, Bela Gergely, currently lives in Budapest but also came from Gyor.

Sadly, I cannot speak or read Hungarian, but understand nearly 80% of the language.  This caused some problems for me on the web site, but Dad was translating for me simultaneously.  Without him and Mother, I would have been totally lost on the web site, and the Martyr's list.  Perhaps you could also explain the headers on that list in English.  Also, a lot of text on your web page comes in with "?" marks, where there is supposed to be a letter with accents.  For example, Gy?r instead of Gy?r.  Also, the ability to search the martyr's lists for surname or name would be wonderful.

I am searching for any details I can get on Armin's brothers and sisters, or even their parents.  Similarly, I am searching for his wives and their families.  I have exhausted my Father's current memory, but still search patiently. I am also searching my Mother's line from Pecs, but that is even more difficult. If you have anything to aid my search, I would truly appreciate it.

The Jewish Geneology site ( is a wonderful place to start, and I strongly recommend you get your site listed with them.  The Hungarian section there is almost non-existent.Thank you for your letter.


Stephen Schmideg:                       14.jun.2000

Dear Shlomo

It is good to hear that people are slowly finding the website and also contributing

I am 100% certain that 7 is Singer Miklos.  He was a very close friend of my parents and I
have lots of photos of him in our family album.  He even came to visit us here in
Melbourne.  His wife Bozsi still lives in Gyor.


Steve Gergely:                     17.jun.2000


Since accessing the website, we have told a few people about it and they are quite interested in your work.  We have told Herman Eva about it and also, in our city (Moncton, New Brunswick), we told friends of ours.  One is a local criminal court judge, and his son, too, both of whom are very interested in it.  However, they do not read or speak any European languages.  Do you have any plans to add English (or French) to your site?

The son's name is Leigh Lampert and he is a young lawyer.  His e-mail address is



Peter Gergely:                     17.jun.2000


I was talking to my 'second' Mother, Eva Herman (nee Grosz) tonight.
She tells me the two of you are related.  Mazeltov!
The reason that I am writing, is that you have her listed on the
Martyr's page, under "G", with the following:
Grosz ?va Kl?ra Schwarcz Gizella Gyor, 1921. m ? r c i u s 29.
Eva Nani sounded quite alive.  Luckily, she took it in jest, and
laughed about it,  but all the information is hers.
I might suggest that you remove that one entry sometime.

- Peter
Peter J. Gergely               <>

Shlomo Shamir answers:             18.jun.2000


thanks for your prompt response, but you do not answer me if you, and others in your city see the hungarian letters correct.Sure we want to add, at least english as the dominant language in our site.  We understand that the new generation is far away from speaking their parents language from Gyor, so to make the contact with them - and this is our most important target - we shall do every effort.I have collegues in overseas, one of them Stephen Schmideg , Melbourne who helps me a lot to translate to english, but I need much more help.I ask you too participate in that job, and  send us text or documents on Gyor being in your hand translated to english, or even to french and we shall publish it at once.

Csak most latom, hogy elozo rovid e-mailt magyarul kaptam es en is irhattam volna e nyelven. Remelem kicsit nehezkes es itt-ott hibas angolomat megis megertette es ez a fontos.Egy e-mailbe elkovetett hibat meg lehet bocsajtani, de ha ez a Weblapon tortenik az mar sokkal komolyabb es jobb ha ez kikuszobolheto.Ezert kerem, hogy barmi szoveget mit a lapunk oldalain magyarul talal, kerem forditsk le es elkuldve cimemre csak halas koszonetunket tolmacsolhatom.Hosszabb es fontosabb szoveg forditasanal a fordito neve is fel lessz jelolve.

Varva valaszat szivelyes tisztelettel


Az emlitett Herman Evi, ha ez o akit en gondolok,  Grosz Evi, bodogult Herman Bill, Bela ozvegye Montrealbol, akkor orommel jelenthetem, hogy o nekem nemcsak jo ismerosom hanem tavoli rokonom is.Kerem atadni neki es csaladjanak nagyon meleg udvozletunket. Engem o regi nevemen mint Meszaros Jozsit jobban fog felismerni


Leigh Lampert:                     19.jun.2000

Thanks for the e-mail.  I have no relation to Gyor, but am very good friends with the Gergely's.  He showed me your site and I was very interested and happy to see that someone is doing such important work.  And I can tell how important it was for him to be able to trace some of his family's roots through your help and your work on the website.

Keep up the good work and good luck with it all.  I will make sure to visit your site often!




Avigdor Bar-Hai  /Löwinger György/:      19.jun.2000

Kedves baratom Pista/Shlomo

Megprobalok magyarul irni, dehat evek ota nem irtam. Az internetben - Revised marthyr list - megjelennek hibas adatok a csaladomrol.

1.Megjelenik Lowinger Gyorgy, anyja Spitzer Aranka, szuletett 29.05.1930. Ez pontossan en vagyok. A mai nevem Bar-Hai Avigdor, Ashkelon, en megjelenek a "gyori sheerit plita" listajan, es talalkozunk minden evben ad 120.

2. Az apam Lowinger Dezso, anyja Stern Betti, szuletett Beledben. A szuletesi eve 1897 anyam Lowinger Dezsone, szuletett Spitzer Aranka , szuletesi eve 1906 nem 1900.

4. Nem talalom a nagymamam nevet. Spitzer Manone, szuletett Singer Iren. Megjelenik a listaba a nev Spitzer Manone, a szuletesi datum stimmel de atobbi adatok, leany nev, anyja neve nem.Kerlek javitsatok ki az adatokat. Remelem a magyar irasom olvashato.

Szivejes udvozletek

Avigdor Bar-Hai


Juda. K. Lefkovits,  Ph.D. kerdezi:                               21. aug. 2001


Kiva'ncsi vagyok hogy a fent emlitett beledi szu"lete'su" Loewinger Dezso" nem volt ve'letlenu"l Julius Loewinger fia vagy unoka'ja Beledro"l?

Julius Loewinger a Beledi Rabbi Hirsch Heinrich Kanitz-nak volt a veje.

Rabbi Hirsch Heinrich Kanitz Rabbi Mozes Kunitz, Lackenbachi-Lakompaki Da'jja'n fia volt (ki anyai nagyapa'm anyai nagyanyja'nak az apja volt).


Judah K. Lefkovits, Ph.D.