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Schmideg Stephen and Irene collection .

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                        Balatonlelle, 26. July 1931                             Gyor school,  taken about 1930 .  (details ).            May 16. 1948  (details)     


Here are the class photos of my fatherís cousins Braunstein Imre and Gyorgy. Unfortunately Imre died in the Holocaust. Gyorgy became a well know composer in America under the name of George Barati. The University of California lists his biography

The class photos are available from the Baross Gabor which before WWII had a high proportion of Jewish students. The school has excellent records including various photos and report cards. See

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This the class photo from the Baross School of my cousin Schmideg Istvan who died in the Holocaust. He was the brother of Rabbi Schmideg Jozsi.


Awarded Students in the Baross School .


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