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                               All you want to know 
about Israel in War



 Why does Israel need Security Fence !!!                            (Received by M.  Livnat,   12.10.2003)                                                                                                        
All about Antisemitism.                                                 (Received by A. Bar Hai    15.06.03)
Frane Grossman's letter                                              
 (Received by E. Woolner,     15.May 03)
AntiSemetism in the Medical World                             (Received by A. Bar Hai,     05.May 2003)
The Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive
(Received by A. Bar Hai,     04.March 2003)

Kaddish for a Sefer Torah                                             by Rabbi Jack Riemer                     11.03.2003
Geography doesn't lie                                                      by Naomi
Who Are the Palestinians?                                             by Yashiko Sagamori  
A Thought On Israel Bushers
                                    By Steven Plaut    December 20, 2002

Cartoon that ran in the LA Times....                                 ( August  07,  2002 )

Letter by Scott Miller,  Atlanta                                    (Received by A.Bar-Hai   27.07.02)                     

Go on, boycott !                                            (Received by A. Bar-Hai   -   15.May 2002)

To be proud !

Speech by Senator   John McCain              (Received by A. Bar-Hai   -    5.May 2002)

"The Peace Encyclopedia"                                      (Received by S. Shamir    -       2.May 2002)
Analysis of  Middle East                               (Received by Michael Livnat   -    1.May 2002)

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Bad Boy and the Good Boy                                                (Picture sent by Avigdor Bar-Hai   -   April 2002)

Jewish and  Muslim Nobel Winners                (sent by  Pamela Shrock - A. Bar-Hai)

The real story of the Palestinians                                 (Recceived by Ophir Livnat)

The Coordination Forum 

Antisemitism from Texas                               (sent by A. Bar-Hai)