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The letters section of this website has been established as a forum for exchanging ideas related to the Györ
Jewish community.  We are interested in your thoughts and opinions on any issue that will help to extend our
knowledge.  Also if you are seeking information about the community past and present, or if you are  
for a friend or relative, this is the place to post your questions.

Prof. Fredrick Sweet  and Prof. Rita Csapo - Sweet     Financial aid for preserving the Györ Synagogue.

Response to Novak     ( by Ilana Bar-Hai   )  Sent by Avigdor Bar-Hai.   2001.11.30

M. Davidson, 8th grader, Israel  Dear BBC, CNN, SKYTV:      Sent by Avigdor Bar-Hai.  2001.11.01

Rabbi Gerald Wolpe                                           I am a litle bit   confused . Sent by Avigdor Bar-Hai. 2001.10.17

Gábor Hirsch                                          Az Auschwitz- Stutthofi transport 1944 szept. 27.-en                      2000.4.01

Rövid Hirek.                                                     Frishman B.  Dr. ajánlata  (18.02.2000)
Frishman B.  Dr.                                                    writes on the 11.24 99
Jakabovits Dezsö,                                                  a györi hitközségvezetöségi tag beszámolója.  ( 9.dec. 99 )
Report from Dezsö Jakabovits,                           committee member of the Gyor Jewish Community Executive (9 Dec 99)
Bombing of Györ                                                   1944
Jakabovits Dezsö,                                                  a györi hitközség vezetöségi  tag levele.   ( hungarianenglish,   30. Jan. 2000 )

Frank More                                                           (01.03.2000)

Frank More ( Los Angeles )                   asks about Winkler Gabor Dr.,    Spiegel Marianna  ( Gyor ) answers:

Levelek a  WebSite müködésével kapcsolatban.