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Frank More ( Moskoczi Ferenc )  Collection  

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gboyscos.jpg (5886 bytes)        Boy Scout camp near Gyor in 1939                                                                        

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        Camping at Rabca River, 1942

scoutsss.jpg (8435 bytes)      Jewish boy scout troops,  Flag Inauguration,  1934.  

                      Chief Rabbi Dr.   Schwarz  Mor  is   blessing the flag.

scoutss.jpg (6407 bytes)        Same event as above.  Dr.  Erdos Janos,  Congregation's  Culture Leader speaking.

scouts3s.jpg (5258 bytes)      Same events as abov

  ggrandpas.jpg (5310 bytes)         Grandfather,  Lefkovics Armin  80 year old,  one of the leaders of the congregation.

Polarmys.jpg (6302 bytes)    Sept.1.1939.   Jewish officers of the Polish army invited by the congregation.

Laborcamps.jpg (5933 bytes) 1943.   Laborcamp   (Munkaszolgalat) in Banhida.

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